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archivio di November 2010

It’s finally time for a roundup of the social networks that marked the evolution to Web 2.0 and radically shaped the Internet with new services and applications.
According to latest news, Twitter is reported to have overrun MySpace by gaining the 3rd position in the ranking of the most popular social network sites, leaded by Facebook and Windows Live in undisputed 2nd place.

This is not simply competition in a rapidly moving market, but the result of a more general trend in the transformation of the Internet.
The overcome of Web 2.0 has been the crucial point of a progressive expansion of the world wide web: as long as networks and bandwith kept growing, other services such as Usenet newsgroups and IRC chat (based on specific technologies and protocols) were cannibalized.

On the other hand, this undoubtedly encouraged a huge mass of new users to sign in: even the Facebook’s secret recipe relied after all on standardization, as this factor already constituted the formula for success of blogging.
The Facebook user model provides above all an online ID, in a common and almost fixed framework, at least visually, so tight to retain the range of individual variations within a strong reference to context.


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