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The WPEC Customer List plugin extends the functionality of the WP E-Commerce plugin by adding a list table of customers (registered users with at least one purchase) to the dashboard and users admin panels.

Fully sortable column entries display the details of total orders, total items and total amount spent by each customer.
One level deeper, the customer detail shows a complete order history with the date of every purchase: more user friendly than searching and filtering the usual purchase log.
The WPEC built-in coupon code system has been improved to add per-user coupons and product IDs in conditions.
Custom goals can be set (and optionally shown in the front-end user purchase history), in order to enable and assign auto rewarded coupons.
Email notifications of rewards are sent to administrators, editors and optionally to customers (supporting the MailPress class).

* Known Bugs: still unable to save screen option about the amount of items listed in each page.

* Possible Developments:

  • theme functions shortcuts
  • optionally merge every coupon into user credit (account mode)
  • bind and convert coupons to Cubepoints

wpec-customer-list 1.0


April 13th, 2011

e-commerce made easy

The WordPress developer’s universe is continuosly expanding and the quality of the latest community releases, as the Bravenewcode vs. Jakob Nielsen case demonstrates, are capable of competing at the same level of professional products, which often cannot rely on the same ease of use.
The WP E-Commerce extension plugin disclosed infinite possibilities for turning a blog into a full featured online shopping site.

To improve User Experience, add new functions and simplify the checkout process, while solving some issues of the originary 3.8 version, I’ve made:

  • a “Buy Now” button compatible with the PayPal Express payment method (not only Standard), checking whether user registration is required to proceed
  • a new Paypal Express merchant gateway, capable of transmitting a detailed product list and automatically pre-filling some form fields

UPDATE: since version 3.8.3, the WPEC plugin implements a Paypal Express payment gateway updated to API version 71 and to many of the features introduced by me. However some further improvements are still possible, such as pre-filling forms in Paypal with data submitted to the site, or a detailed list of items in the payment receipts.

Take a look to the additional patches and fixes that I made available to the WPEC community on the official support forums

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