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July 25th, 2011

combo slideshow plugin

WordPress galore! Combo Slideshow is a photo and image viewing mash-up plugin that integrates the features of the best javascript slideshow effects and WordPress plugins available on the net.
It works natively in conjunction with the WordPress image upload and gallery system, through the javascript frameworks JQuery or MooTools.

See it in action in the homepage!


Among dozens of WordPress plugins involving content indexing, Collapsing Archives and Collapsing Categories by Rob Felty are able to manage hierarchy and nesting better than any other.

Since the effects and some of the script core depend on the jQuery framework, I had been missing a corresponding MooTools plugin not involving page overloads. Even the SuperSlider-Menu seems to me too invasive.

When editing the PHP code of the plugins in order to match the MooTools Slider, I’ve been hardly inspired by the neat and solid script provided byShawn Milker. Most of the widget features of the jQuery counterparts have been preserved, including cookies. Now, the remaining page and link plugins of the same series might be converted as well.

MooTools 1.11 versions:

MooTools 1.2.5 versions:

In the WordPress official plugin directory, with docs, changelog and version archive:
Moo Collapsing Archives
Moo Collapsing Categories

lava lamp

April 28th, 2010

wordpress lavalamp menu

The animated LavaLamp menu is funny, pleasing and lightweight. Originally developed in MooTools flavour, it has been ported to jQuery, and now it could be installed with ease on WordPress platforms to have a role in a blog index.

The LavaLamp menu plugin makes everything easy:
LavaLamp menu in the WordPress plugin archive.

Let’s explain the features with detailed source code.
In order to show the effect anywhere into the template, we have to define in functions.php a custom way to show the navgation menu:


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