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July 25th, 2011

combo slideshow plugin

WordPress galore! Combo Slideshow is a photo and image viewing mash-up plugin that integrates the features of the best javascript slideshow effects and WordPress plugins available on the net.
It works natively in conjunction with the WordPress image upload and gallery system, through the javascript frameworks JQuery or MooTools.

See it in action in the homepage!

Administration and Settings have been completely rewritten!
Previously they were heavily borrowed from the Slideshow Gallery Pro plugin (free version) by Cameron Preston and WP Nivo Slider by Rafael Cirolini.
The selectable front-end effect scripts are the Nivo Slider plugin (on jQuery framework) or SlideShow by Ryan Florence (on MooTools). Works great in conjunction with the Gallery metabox plugin.

    Main Features:

  • Full control over speed, transition and navigation options
  • Nivo Slider slideshow themes supported, 3 preset available
  • Custom CSS supported
  • Lightbox, FancyBox, MultiBox and custom class names supported
  • Navigation Arrows (jQuery) and Tips (MooTools)
  • Auto insertion of latest posts (category-based) slideshow in home or single page/post
  • Custom slides management
  • Page/Post gallery shortcode [slideshow] (with optional post_id, exclude, exclude, and auto parameters)
  • Hardcode into any PHP file of a WordPress theme with
    <?php if (class_exists('CMBSLD_Gallery')) { $CMBSLD_Gallery = new CMBSLD_Gallery(); $CMBSLD_Gallery -> slideshow( $output = true, $post_id = null ); } ?>
    and the required $post_id parameter accordingly specified
  • Global post slideshow: auto mode in Homepage and/or Posts + manual function
    $CMBSLD_Gallery -> show_combo_slider( $category, $postlimit, $exclude, $offset )

combo-slideshow 1.0
combo-slideshow 1.1
combo-slideshow 1.2
combo-slideshow 1.3
combo-slideshow 1.4
combo-slideshow 1.5
combo-slideshow 1.6
combo-slideshow 1.7
(* warning 1.6 => 1.7+: after updating to the new slide administration system, any custom slideshow created with previous versions of the plugin will not work and won’t even be shown)
Combo Slideshow in the WordPress plugin directory
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  1. Melvis Leon 11 Aug 2011 Reply

    Hello Edoardo, your plugin has great features but the Configuration and Manage Slideshow pages are blank in wp-admin in WP3.2.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    • 3dolab 13 Aug 2011

      Sorry, missing some files during SVN update. Version 1.2 should be OK

  2. Very nice effects possible with your plugin.
    A couple of issues have come up – I have checked the radio box for “no caption” but the gray caption box is still there. Do I have to edit the php to remove it? Secondly, I cannot make the slide show full screen as there is no “auto” or “100%” width option (as css)? Again, is there some part of the hard code I have to alter to get it to do this.

    Many thanks

    • 3dolab 29 Sep 2011

      Sorry for the late reply, you’re right. It seems that the caption setting get considered only when using shortcodes. This could happen because of the confusing “information” and “information_temp” options that only the function embed (file combo-slideshow.php, line 149) is actually able to swap, while the function show_combo_slider (file combo-slideshow-plugin.php, line 577) does not.
      Look at line 51 in combo-slideshow.php: embed get called only by add_shortcode.
      The same issue may occur with “thumbnails” and “autoslide” options as well.

      I’m going to fix it in a forthcoming release, but in the meantime you could try to remove every “_temp” suffix, or by deleting any if ($information_temp == "Y") condition block inside the function show_combo_slider.

      As for your width problem, at the moment I cannot figure out how to implement a fluid dimension into the Javascript part, since the code does need a fixed size if I’m not mistaken. I could only suggest you to set the same width as defined in the stylesheet for the container element, though a fixed layout would be required.
      Any ideas are appreciated.

      It’s funny that at first, I guessed that you were asking for a *literally* full screen slideshow like in Flickr… aww it would be amazing!

  3. Thanks for the plugin!
    Do you know how to make this plugin work on Thesis theme on only the home page?

    • 3dolab 29 Sep 2011

      What’s the problem? Have you already tried with the “Auto insert in Home page” option in the Combo Slideshow Configuration panel?
      You could also try to use the manual functions in your theme file home.php or front-page.php

  4. B1gJ4k3 28 Sep 2011 Reply

    Hi there. I’ve been pretty impressed with the plugin so far, but I’m having some trouble figuring out how to use the slides I’ve added to the “Manage Slides” section? How do I call a slide show of those images in a shortcode so I can utilize the caption and link functionality? Thanks!

  5. B1gJ4k3 28 Sep 2011 Reply

    Nevermind, I found it here:

    Sorry for the confusion. Great plugin, though. Doesn’t force-feed you a bunch of useless junk like so many others. I can definitely appreciate that after several days of searching/demoing…

    • 3dolab 29 Sep 2011

      Thank you for your appreciation!
      I should definitely extend this page with all the necessary documentation to properly run the plugin

  6. Is very good slideshow

  7. Hi,
    1. Is-it possible to make a LINK on images in the slider ?
    2. Should i change PHP files to configure the slider ? (too complicate for me)

    Thanks for your response and sorry for my english ! …

  8. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? I can’t get the images to display at all. I see the slideshow load, and I see it trying to cycle through the images, but they are not loading. If I enable the thumbnails, I can see it knows about the path to my images, I am just stumped. Any help would be great. Here is a test page, thanks in advance.

  9. Hi,

    Great Plugin, but I don’t know how to limit the display of the Managed Slides just in one page, if I check the box of AutoInsert in page/post it shows it in all pages excepting home, it is possible to show the slideshow in just one page? please let me know. Thanks.

    • 3dolab 19 May 2012

      Use $CMBSLD_Gallery -> slideshow or do the shortcode, with the “custom” parameter set.
      BTW, a new improved version is expected to be released very soon

  10. Stephen 17 Aug 2012 Reply

    The Combo Slideshow is exactly what I want… but I seem to be having a problem when the slides fade in. The new slide appears overtop of the old slide and doesn’t replace it immediately. In addition, the description width is wider than the images, which have been restricted to 600×500.

    Here’s a screenshot:

    I wish I could provide a URL but the site is still under construction.

    I’m using the Suffusion theme and deleted Jetpack (I wasn’t using it).

  11. Maarten 29 Jan 2016 Reply

    Maybe I do something wrong, but I have a hard time setting up the slideshow.
    I made a new slide show… added images with the add media button, as it seemed the only way of connecting images to it…
    Then there is no short code showing in the slideshow overview so how to set this thing up? because it looks very cool in screen shots.


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