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January 29th, 2014

social geolocation with buddypress

BP Checkins Enhanced provides some additional features to the amazing BP Checkins plugin developed by iMath as one of his great collection of interesting projects.

As the original plugin (still required) made the default BuddyPress extension behave quite like sites as Foursquare,
further improvements have been made to post checkins or places, as well as to enable the “places” and “events” post type archives, taxonomies and dates.
Map pins are clustered in order to avoid huge amounts of overlapping icons:
the Google Maps javascript interface has been updated to an updated version of the jQuery GMap script and now it also handles cluster grouped markers.

I’ve enhanced the functionalities of the BP Checkins plugin, in some cases by adding or totally rewriting functions, and moreover I’ve updated all the javascript to the latest jQuery GMap version

the bp_is_current_action ‘place’ and bp_action_variable ‘category’ match with the post type (‘places’) and taxonomy (‘places_category’) permalink structure: this way, the naming will stay consistent across the site and, above all, places will be available not only within the Buddypress component framework, but also as custom post archives so unleashing the full template potential, including feeds

in addition, default untranslated slugs have been rendered otherwise, not as simple strings (a little ugly in localized websites) but according to the language in use e.g. ‘category’ => __(‘category’, ‘bp-checkins’), ‘place’ => __(‘places’,’bp-checkins)

also available on GitHub

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