3do lab form and substance of communication

Augmented Reality is no longer virtual: given the value and nature of that augmentation, it ought to be defined as hyper-mediated reality, something we are to some extent already accustomed to, in everyday passing through banners, posters and signs.

As wireless connections and mobile devices keep spreading, a new field of digital applications is expected to commit directly to the user the managing process of a selective, mainly visual, data stream. Several examples of eventual patterns of use have already been developed.

Along the years sci-fi movies presented a plenty of holographic and miniaturized display artifacts, gesture and voice commands that has earmarked to obsolecence not only traditional devices such as the mouse, but also touchscreens and wireless inputs.
It’s been a long time since research found actual realization in military equipment, in order to provide real time connections from headquarters and among the individual soldiers.

Now as in the past, the appointment to everyday life is made possible by the lowering of production costs, and by new crucial requirements such as:

  • geotagging services
  • an increasing semantic indexing of contents
  • better, more tolerant, visual and vocal input recognition algorhitms


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