form and substance of communication

  • Content: I am a new media specialist in content curation and management. Multiple skills make me able to fully interact with design or programming team professionals, and directly engage in development or support huge projects in every stage of production.
  • User Experience: Every website is developed with care and attention for user experience, according with the needs and the purposes of the project. Usability and accessibility of the graphical interface are key factors of a comfortable environment where to get in contact with users and fit their demands.
  • Statistics: Periodical reports about the results & returns of a plan are also meant to suggest development prospects: continuity makes web marketing and online promotion perform at their best. Search engine positioning, traffic statistics and analytics mark the extent of a wide range of services committed to continuous improvement.
  • Development: Integration of PHP code and Ajax JavaScript provides dynamic pages, applications, animation and complex effects.
    A strong commitment to detail ensures cross platform visualization and browser compatibility, from earlier releases to the most recent versions, including mobile device optimizations.
  • Social: Full integration with social networks is meant to fulfill the opportunities of web 2.0 and communication in all its variations.
    My constant interest about the world wide web evolution over the years is based on a perspective always open to advance.

The most representative examples listed in the case history are:

  • development diary