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2006 - 2010
la storia siamo noi

The official website of the RAI TV programme La Storia siamo noi is a big and remarkable project, started in 2006 to deliver online documentaries and reports of the TV series. The archive, unmatched in depth and detail, features over 500 episodes available in short clips or the full versions aired on TV, with articles and materials for further study.
My skills have been involved in several different steps of the project:

january 2009 ~ june 2010:
  • web content manager
  • SEO consultant and social media monitoring
  • traffic statistics analysis and reporting
january 2008 ~ december 2008:
  • web editor
  • social media manager
  • video producer
  • technology consultant: streaming video formats
  • content consultant: community development
  • nline campaign promoting
  • traffic statistics analysis and reporting
january 2007 ~ december 2007:
  • web editor
  • video producer
  • usability consultant
  • traffic statistics analysis and reporting
september 2006 ~ december 2006:
internship: web editor

  • development diary